Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on in home dialysis

G and I went back to the dialysis center for a appointment. G will go every week for the next few weeks, so they can draw blood to make sure the dialysis is working. Also, they watch him
do an exchange to make sure he is following procedures.

He did well on his following procedures, so that is good. We did find out that he should
not be using the fluid with the highest dextrose concentration all the time, which he has been using. It takes off more fluid, but we were informed overuse can damage the lining of the peritoneum, causing scaring, and therefore causing problems with the exchange, which happens through the peritoneum membrane.

G is still having some trouble getting enough fluid out. I'll write about that some more later.

The good news is he is looking less swollen, so think we are least pretty much back to where he was after starting hemodialysis.

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